Saturday, April 29, 2017

Praying for the Rain to STOP

Yesterday, We had to go pack up the shop at the Great American Flea Market in Union, MO due to possibility of flood.
I'm more worried about my vendor friends that are set up in the main bldgs.
I'm ok either way, it doesn't look like my shop will get flooded, unless things change (which, we ALL know that happens a lot, lol)..

I'll be happy if the flea market is spared from the water, but if God decides it's time to close the shop, then thy will be done. :)

If I have to close shop, then that's ok too..
I have back up plans :D 👌

For now, I have to go thru and clean and get organized, this week.. so that i have a place to put everything.. i am going to set up a manufacturing area and a shipping area, to make it easier to get things made and mailed out... and not have to leave it ALL in my van.

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